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2013 People's Law School - Common Legal Issues
Financial or Criminal Liability for a Minor's Acts, Special Education, Discipline and the IEP Process, Essential Information When Starting A Business, Understanding Real Estate Tax Assessments and Appeals

2013 People's Law School - Real Estate
Help Homeowners-Short Sale, Deed in Lieu/Consent Foreclosure, Refinance, Loan Modification, Forbearance, Foreclosure Defense, Bankruptcy

2013 People's Law School - Estate Planning
Power of Attorney, Guardianship Alternatives, Guardianship Help Desk, Guardianship of Minors Information Packet, Notice to Guardians of Disabled Adults

2013 People's Law School - Family Law
What About the Children, Illinois Marriage and Dissolution of Marriage Act Provisions, Contribution for College Under the Illinois Marriage and Dissolution of Marriage Act

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