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Attorney and Practice Information: Michael T. Cavanaugh is a former Lake County State’s Attorney and experienced criminal defense attorney with offices in Gurnee, Illinois. At our firm, every case is handled personally by Mr. Cavanaugh and every case receives the individual attention it deserves. Our law office handles a wide variety of cases, with a concentration in first time offenders and “good people who make mistakes”. We have successfully protected or reinstated hundreds of driver’s licenses and brought over one thousand criminal, dui, and traffic cases to a successful conclusion. Whether it is a fight to the finish, or a plea agreement, our office can be counted on to produce the right result for you. The Law Office of Michael T. Cavanaugh works to minimize your court appearances, minimize the need for you to speak before the court (some clients never have to say a word), and we keep the stress level down. In other words, we do all the work. As part of that work, Mr. Cavanaugh promises to either personally answer your phone call or return your call by the end of the day, with most calls returned immediately. Our office is currently accepting new clients and invite you to call for a free consultation.

4017 Old Grand Avenue Gurnee, IL, 60031
Phone: (847) 263-8820 Fax: (847) 336-2629
Law School: Northern Illinios Univ. Practicing States:

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Areas of Practice
  • DUI
  • Felony
  • Misdemeanor
  • Juvenile Delinquent
  • Re-Instatement / Sec. of State
  • Traffic

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