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The Docket 2005
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The Docket

Vol. 12     2005









Securities Regulator Issues Warnings Regarding Equity-Indexed Annuities, by James J. Eccleston

A Survey of Juvenille Law, by Danielle M. Pascucci

"The Electronic Lawyer", by Alan Pearlman

The Trial Lawyers's Guide to Preserving the Record for Appeal During Pre-Trial

Proceedings in Illinois Civil Cases, by Timothy Storm

Goodbye Little Rascals, by Scott A. Wineberg






Using Terms and Connectors In Lexis Searches, by David E. Bender

The Illinois Open Meetings Act: An Overview, by Shannon L. Castellano

The "Sophisticated" Investor Defense to Suitability Claims; More Frequently Raised Than Proven, by James J. Eccleston

Minimum Continuing Legal Education, by Richard S. Kopsick







Real Estate Case Law Update Fair Debt Collection Practice

Act,Tenant/Landlord Issues and Mechanic's Liens
, by Steven Bashaw

Time-Out: Parenthood and the Practice of Law, by Marica G. Cotler

State Securities Regulators Unveil "Top 10 Threats to Investors", by James J. Eccleston

Direct and Indirect Civil and Criminal Contempt, by Richard N. Kessler







Finding Worker Compensation Award Information in the Library, by David E. Bender

Changes to Illinois Supreme Court Ruke 237 Have Arrived, by Dwyane Douglas

Protecting Noncitizen Criminal Defendants from Immigration Consequences, by Andrew P. Sagartz

Civil Case Law Update: How Void Is Void?, by Daniel B. Shanes

Continuing Legal Education and Brown Bag Seminars, by Bernard Wysocki






Real Estate Case Law Update: Eminent Domain Issues, by Steven Bashaw

Doing Business with the Library, by David E. Bender

Reporting of Pro Bono Activities, by Ann Buche Conroy

Brokerage Firms Attempt to Clarify the Confusing Roles and Responsibilities of Their Brokers, by James J. Eccleston

Asset Protection Changes the New Bankruptcy Act, by Robert J. Kolasa

AbacusLaw…Practice Specific Case Management for Your Firm's Needs!, by Alan Pearlman

Annual Report of the Ombudsman Program, 2004-2005, by Robert S. Smith Jr.

Getting a Divorce and Your Spouse Wants a Portion of Your Military Pension Benefit, by Garrick G. Zielinski







Real Estate Case Law Update, by Steven Bashaw

 Technology at the Law Library, by David E. Bender

Hello 13, Goodbye 7 The Bankruptcy Abuse and Consumer Protection Act 2005, by Robert J. Kolasa

Lawyers Do Brain Surgery, by HonMargaret Mullen

Drug Court Program To Begin, by HonJohn Phillips

 The Re-entitlement of Extended Benefit Period for Social Security Beneficiaries Who Return to Work, by Linda Rothnagel




Mind Your Ps and QS No More, by David E. Bender

 NASD's 2004: Investor Protection Efforts Worth Noting, by James J. Eccleston

Sales of Partial Interests in Real Estate Under Section 363(h) of the Bankruptcy Code, by David P. Leibowitz

Adobe Acrobat 7.0 Professional…Its Just Keeps Getting Better and Better!, by Alan Pearlman

 Protecting the Attorney-Client Privilege: Beware of "Prying Eyes" Techno Lawyer Members Discuss Our Weekly Topics, by Jack Seward

Collection of Alimony, Support, Maintenance and Other Spousal Claims in Bankruptcy, by Allan G. Sweig





Inflation-Adjusted Award Limits Under the Dramshop Act, by David Bender

Tax Language for Maintenance Qualified Domestic Relations Order and Exceptions, by Ilene B. Goldstein

LCBA Social Events: Bowling Balls and Doctors, by Richard S. Kopsick

Estate Planning For Clients During Dissolution, by Fredric Bryan Lesser

Removal of Representative, by David M. Lutrey

How Many Plaintiffs Make a Party?, by Daniel B. Shanes





Famil Law Seminar Case Law Update, by Mary J. Clark

"The General" A Conversation with James Ryan, former Illinois Attorney General, by Mark C. Curran Jr.

Lake County Mock Trial Invitational, by Hon. Victoria A Rossetti

The Handling of College Education Petitions, by Gary L Schlesinger






Family Limited Partnerships Yes? No?, Maybe!, by Robert Weber

Estate Planning Case Law and Legislative Update, by John P. Richtman

Understanding the Trial Work Period For Social Security Disability Beneficiaries, by Linda Rothnagel






Off The Shelf: Finding New Legislation, by David Bender

Drafting Wills & Trust After EGTRRA The Impact of the 2001 Tax Act and the Subsequent De-coupling of State Death Taxes
, by David B. Hirschey

 Standing In Guardianship Litigation, by Fredric Bryan Lesser

When Can A Disabled Surviving Spouse Renounce A Will, by Thomas Pasquesi





Off The Shelf: What's New, by David Bender

Avoiding Common Onvestor Problems, by James Eccleston

 A Local Success Story, by Robert Hauser

A Belated Expression of Gratitude, by Emilio Santi

My Day at Wrigley Field, by Robert Weber

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