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LCBA Past Presidents
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DUTIES OF THE PRESIDENT. The President shall preside at all meetings, shall supervise the regular business of the Association, and such other duties as may be prescribed by the Board of Directors. The President shall initiate and recommend programs and activities to further the interests of the Association and its members, act as Chair of the Board of Directors and the Executive Committee, appoint the Chair and members of committees, and supervise the regular business and operation of the Association. The President, with the approval of the Board, shall create such ad hoc committees as are deemed useful.


Term of Office: Terms shall begin on the first Friday [after they have been sworn] in June of the year of their election.



Current      Stephen J. Rice, 2019-2020


   2019        Brian J. Lewis


2018        Jennifer J. Howe


2017        Donald J. Morrison


2016        Michael J. Ori


2015        Keith C. Grant


2014        Steven P. McCollum


2013        Marjorie I. Sher


2012        Perry S. Smith, Jr.


2011        Hon. Elizabeth M. Rochford


2010        Scott B. Gibson


2009        Bryan R. Winter


2008        Fredric B. Lesser


2007        Hon. Robert S. Smith, Jr.


2006        Deborah L. Goldberg


2005        Bernard Wysocki


2004        Richard S. Kopsick


2003        Hon. Diane Winter


2002        Wayne B. Flanigan


2001        Hon. Sarah Lessman


2000        Thomas M. Gurewitz


1999        Hon. Donald H. Geiger


1998        Charles W. Smith


1997        Hon. Jane D. Waller


1996        Rudolph F. Magna, Jr.


1995        Mary Clark


1994        James J. DeSanto


1993        David R. Quade


1992        James J. Hermann, Jr.


1991        Bernard R. Winter

990        Gerald C. Snyder


1989        Ned L. Fisher


1988        Albert S. Salvi


1987        Hon. Robert K. McQueen


1986        Robert Snook


1985        John C. Soffietti


1984        Leo Sullivan, III

1983        Ted C. Larson


1982        Paul T. Bartolain


1981        Eva Schwartzman


1980        Julian Johnson


1979        Theodore E. Cornell


1978        Donald T. Morrison


1977        Hon. Lawrence Inglis


1976        Richard Finn


1975        Donald S. Flannery


1974        Donald M. Lonchar


1973        Murray R. Conzelman


1972        Edward R. Holmberg


1971        Ellis E. Fuqua


1970        William Holmquist


1969        Joseph N. Sikes


1968        Thomas W. Diver


1967        Hon. Lloyd Van Duesen


1966        Fred B. Meyer


1965        Hon. Fred H. Geiger


1964        Frank P. Daly


1963        Henry D. Fischer


1962        Charles L. Whyte, Jr.


1961        Daniel Dalziel


1960        Mortimer Singer


1959        Alex F. Lidman


1958        Marshal Meyer


1957        Lewis D. Clarke

1956        Hon. Bernard Decker


1955        Max Lidschin


1954        William R. Behanna


1953        J.E. Bairstow


1952        Gerald C. Snyder


1951        Gerald C. Snyder


1950        Willis A. Overholser

949        Raymond G. Zack


1948        John Logan Boyles


1947        Hon. L. Eric Carey


1946        Eugene M. Runyard


1945        Walter M. Givler


1944        George S. McGaughey


1943        Earl K. Cook


1942        Phillip Populorum


1941        Bernard J. Juron


1940        Harry A. Hall


1939        Harry Breger


1938        Charles E. Mason


1937        John F. Williams


1936        Hon. Minard E. Hulse


1935        Charles E. Mason


1934        Hervey C. Coulson


1933        Ashbel V. Smith


1932        Hermann C. Litchfield


1931        Albert L. Hall, Sr.


1930        Clarence W. Diver


1929        Clarence W. Diver


1928        Okel S. Fuqua


1927        Benjamin Parmalee


1926        Sidney Black


1925        Hon. Ralph J. Dady


1924        Hon. Ralph J. Dady


1923        Rollo W. Churchill


1922        Benjamin H. Miller

1921        Leslie P. Hanna


1920        Leslie P. Hanna


1919        Alexander F. Beaublen


1918        Paul Macguffin


1917        Paul Macguffin


1916        Claire C. Edward


1915        Hon. Claire C. Edwards

1914        George W. Field


1913        Elam L. Clarke


  1912          John Pope

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