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The Docket 2010
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The Docket

Vol. 17     2010








Correlation is Critical When Determining Asset Allocation, by James Eccleston

 Broker Protocol Revisited: An "Industry Standard" for Employment Transitions, by James Eccleston

 How to Laugh in the Face of Data Disaster, by Alan Pearlman

 Personal History: Introducing Kim Nguyen, and the Differences Between German and American Legal Education, by Stephen Rice

Interview with the Honorable Charles Johnson, by Shyama Parikh





Work Product or Discovery? What's protected and What Must be Disclosed, by Keith Grant

Allocation of Fault at Construction Site Accidents, by Jim Hermann

Immigration Benefits for Non-Citizen Victims of Domestic Abuse, by Amber Moore

How Cloud Computing Will Change the Way We Work-Hint It's Here Now!, by Alan Perlman





Electronic Discovery: Zublake, It's Progency and its Ramifications for the Practitioner, by Howard Emmerman

 Family Visitation Center of Lake County, by Nila Grahl

Bankruptcy Claims Trading: The Wild West of U.S. Chapter 11, by Aaron Hammer

 Claims for Insurance Company "Bad Faith", by James Nyeste

Another Method to Vacate a Conviction Following a failure to Appear and Entry of a Driver's License Forfeiture, by David Winer






Employee Practice Liability Insurance, by Janelle Christensen

When does ";o" (a wink) Become Offensive:Workplace Harassment in a Textural Revolution, by Keith Hunt

George Steinbrenner's Estate Tax Home Run, by Robert Kolasa






Lost Opportunity May Lead to Surcharge for Guardian, by Charles Newland

An Interview with Judge Luis A. Berrones, by Shyama Parikh

LPES: Protecting your Laptop from Prying Eyes, by Alan Perlman

Capacity, Consent, and One Attorney's Conundrum, by Stephen Rice

Nicasa's Teen Court, by Christel Tatro






No Childish Endeavor: Laura Notson and the Creation of the Lake County Children's Advocacy Center, by Marc Bangser

Family Law Seminar 2010: Reflections on the group tour of National Civial Rights Museum, by Michael Conway

Court Ruling Strikes Down Exercise of Self-Governance by Schwab YieldPlus Mutual Fund, by James Eccleston

An Overview of Supervised Visitation, by Karen Meyer

Interpreting a Pay Stub, by Sara Stolberg

Hal Winer Receives his High School Diploma..68 Years Late, by David Winer




Depositions: Do's and Don'ts to Make them Count, by Scott Gibson

Recent Amendment to Supreme Court Rule 304b and It's impact on Family Law Cases, by Edward Jordan

 Emergency Motions & Petitions for Rule to Show Cause for Contempt, by Gary Schlesinger

Evictions: The Practical Aspects of the Forcible Entry & Detainer Act, by Kenneth Suskin





Regulators Action Against Securities America, by James Eccleston

Doctor Knows Best: Medical and Legal Perspectives on PTSD, by Gary Newland

The Writer's Workshop: Must I Incorporate Herein, and if so When?, by  Schoolmarm

The Law: Not Black and White but Several Shades of Gray, by Marjorie Sher

Til Death (or Divorce) do US Part, by Michael Craven





Creative Compensation, by Robert Bernstein

Social Security Changes Ahead for 2010, by Neil Good

Special Needs Trusts, by David Gordon

The Campaign for Legal Services Shifts Gears, by Stephen Rice

When Does Representation End?, by Gary Schlesinger

The Judicial Bar Poll Comes of Age, by Stephen Walter

Restricted Drivings Permits and Reinstatement, by David Winer






Securities Regulator Urges Caution Relating to the Sale of Principal-Protected Notes, by James Eccleston

When Too Much for One is Not Enough for Another: The Importance of questions regarding specific Verdict amounts during voir dire, by Patrick A. Salvi





Securities Regulator Provides Guidance as to Managing Investment Risk, by James Eccleston

 SEC Chairman's Speech Highlights Key Securities, Initiatives and Reforms, by James Eccleston

Between a Rock and a Hard Place: The Quest for Justice in the War on Terror, by Thomas McTear Jr.

How Good is Your Email Evidence? RPOST Registered Email Gives You the Courtroom Edge, by Alan Pearlman

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