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The Docket 2011
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The Docket

Vol. 18     2011








Illinois Revocation Holds and Out of State Packets with the Secretary of State, by David Winer

Pursuing Divorce Related Debts in the Bankruptcy Court, by Lori Cunningham

Non-Traded Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs); Nothing but Fool's Gold, by James J Eccleston

Things Every Lawyer Should Know About QDROs:(Whether They Draft Them or Not), by Kevin Kane

A Happy Marriage?: When Immigration Law Meets Family Law, by Andrew Sagartz





Securities Regulator Warns Against Chasing Higher Yield Through Risky Investments, by James J Eccleston

A Day at the Zoo How Animal Law Matters  Impact Your Practice, by Anna Finn

Mediation Perspectives, by Philip J. Glick, Esq

Nicasa Offers Treatment to Problem Gamblers, Free Presentations to Group on Impact, by Bill Hetland

Interns: What Do They Actually Do?, by Robert Marks





The March of Perkin Insurance Company to Limit Additional Insured Coverage and the Surprising Fork  in the Road Along the Way, by Janelle Christensen

What's up at the Jail, by Ann Conroy

Summary Suspension after a Motor Vehicle Accident, by Lisa Dunn

The American Jobs Creation Act of 2010 Section 181 Extension, by Hal Kessler

Federal Judge Reflects on Life and Career, by Nancy S Waites






Foreclosure Procedures and Non-Lien Remedies, by Margery Newman

Cy Pres and Lake County
, by Stephen Rice

More than One Bite at the Apple:Multiple Domestic Relations Orders and Death Are No Bar to Benefits, by Dorothy A. Voight

The Consequences of Unauthorized Practice of Law: Changes in the Nullity Rule, by Andrew J. Wrona






New "Suitability" and 'Know Your Customer' Rules Will Benefit Investor, by James Eccleston

Foreman, In Name and Deed, by Stephen Rice

An Exceptional Legal Life: Michael Schostock Receives ITLA's Lifetime Achievement Award, by Stephen Rice

Which Spouse Bear Market Loss 401(k) Plan Before QDRO Entered?, by Dorothy Voight

You Need to Know: New Illinois Case Citation Rules, by Rebecca Whitcombe






Frauds Uncovered Recently Show Illinois Investors Hard Hit, by James Eccleston

 A New Chapter for the LCBA History, by Keith Grant

Are Our Heads in the Clouds? An Insight on the Ethics of Cloud Computing, by Daniel Sean Patrick Lacy

Practical Counseling for the Client Considering Appeal, by Timothy Storm

Sources of Retirment Plan Information, by Dorothy Voight




The Honorable Robert K. McQueen: A Life of Integrity and Service, by Michael Fusz

Durable Joint Trusts in a Divorce, by Fredric Lesser

An Interview with Jeannie Andersen, by Shyama Parikh

Types of Retirment Plans, by Dorothy Voigt




Recovery Options Available to Victims of The Financial Fraud, by James Eccleston

Judges Caveat Re 'Friends', by Daniel Sean Patrick Lacy

The Effect of Mortgage Foreclosures on Property Maintenance Efforts by Municipalities
, by Lawrence LaLuzerne

The History Of the LCBA: Opening the Bar Office
, by Robert Monahan

Becoming Civilized: Civil Unions in Illinois, by Nancy Chausow Shafer





Point/Counterpoint, by Edwin Cobblepott

An Interview with Retired Judge Roy McKlutzsky, by Rick Lesser

A Fable for Today, by Rick Lesser

How To Win Over your Child's Representative/GAL, by Rick Lesser

The History of Our Legal Community: Where Did Our History Go? Can it be found? Well, Whatever, by Rick Lesser

The Power of the Pen (or Pencil), by Alan Pearlman






New 2011 Illinois Laws, by Roderick Drobinksi

Mock Trial Tournament Comes to Lake County, by Ari Fisz

The New Federal & Illinois Estate Tax Laws, by Robert Kolasa

WTF & Ils: The Unique Judicial Systems Adopted by the U.S. in Iraq, by Ken LaRue






A Model Ordinance for Small Wind Energy in Illinois, by Carol Dorge

Investors and Their Advisers Must Be Aware of "Garden Leave Provisions" That interfere with Servicing Accounts, by James Eccleston

An Interview with the Hon. Daniel B. Shanes, by Shyama Parikh

Murray Conzelman: Lake County Legal History, LCBA History, by Stephen Rice





Equal Protection of One Claims (or, Another Reason I'm Glad I Passed the Multi-state Portion of the Bar Exam), by Daniel Jasica

Problems and Solutions for Guardians of Disabled Adults in Addressing Family Court Support and Visitation Orders, by Marc Schwartz

Ready I &II-All or None: No Middle Ground for Fault Allotted to the Empty Chair, by Joe Vito

The IRS wants to know, " Do You Have Your PTIN?", by Robert Weber

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