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The Docket 2012
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The Docket

Vol. 19     2012









Ethics and Professionalism in Mediation: A Cursory Review, by Terry Brady

A Primer on Motions to Vacate In Traffic Cases, by Lisa Dunn

SEC's Financial Literacy Study Reveals Siginificant Financial Illiteracy of Investors, by James Eccleston

Small Claims, Big Impacts: Part 1, by Amy Lynn Strege




Terminating Clients: Enough with the Noise, by Daniel Sean Patrick Lacy

2012 Mentoring  Program Update, by Richard S Kopsick

The Paralegal Internship Experience, by Suzanne Costello

Coping with Malingering Diagnoses in Injury Cases, by Gary Newland

Guidelines to Improve Disclosure of Risk: Benefit Both Financial Advisers and Their Clients, by James J. Eccleston

Don't Forget to Reinvent the Wheel! The Perils of Using 'Form' or 'Model' Agreements and Boilerplate Language, by Jerrold E. Fink






Financial Advisers in Motion: A Primer on the Employment Issues Facing Those in Transition, by James J. Eccleston

Child Support, Save Me, by Jeffery Braiman

February 10, 2012: A Picture Perfect Day for Relevant Evidence, by Joe Vito

No Judge Shopping Allowed: Illinois Supreme Court Speaks on Standards of For-Cause Motions for Substitution of Judges in Illinois, by Carrie DeLange







Helping Wealthy Families Transfer Assets to Future Generations: A Family Steward's Approach to Estate Taxes, by David Gordon

Premium Listing Service Now Available with the Lawyer Referral Service!, by David Winer

 The Depke Juvenile Justice Complex: Working to Improve Lake County from Within, by Marc Bangser

Watch Your Mouth: Your Law Career May Depend On it!, by Daniel Sean Patrick Lacy

Examination of Custody Evaluators, by Pamela Kuznair







Civil Practice Tips, by Howard Emmerman

Avoiding Legal Pitfalls in Hiring, by Burr Anderson

It's All in the Family, by Rebecca Whitcombe

Immigration for the General Practitioner, by Jean Meier

Real Estate Review, by Thomas Edgeworth

Practicing Local Government Law, by Committee Local Government

Techno Tips, by Keith Brin

Navigating the 19th Circuit, by Amy Strege

Litigation: Fast Facts, by Richard Kessler

Docket Tips, by Michael Strauss

LCBA Your Local Bar, by Christopher Boadt






Constitutional Quiz: Post- Arrest Silence, by Hon. Thomas Schippers

Reconsidering the Actual Innocence Rule in Criminal Malpractice Cases, by Melissa Travis

Why Can't We Be Friends?, by Daniel Sean Patrick Lacy

The Role of 'Mini-Trial' in Negotiation and Mediation- Two Cases, by James Simon





Are You an ERISA Fiduciary? Are You Sure?, by David J. Gordon

The Mechanics Lien Act: Still Clear as Mud, by Mark Van Doneselaar

Five Fun Finality Problems (Plus One), by Timothy Storm





Securities Regulators Issue Risk Alert for Brokerage Firms to Conduct Effective Branch Office Supervision, by James J. Eccleston

Watershed Restoration: Clean Waters Act Muddys the Waters, by Daniel Sean Patrick Lacy

Jurisdictional Disputes in Adult Guardianship Cases Under the Uniform Adult Guardianship Protected Persons Jurisdiction Act, by Charles T. Newland

Collateral Damage: The Unintended Consequences of a Criminal Conviction, by David J. Winer

Securities Regulators Focus on Complex Products to Better Protect Investors, by James J. Ecceleston





Child Law Attorney Profile: Barlett Joseph Carroll Jr., by Paul Novak

An Interview with the Honorable Margaret Marcouiller, by Shyama Parikh

Softly, But with a Big Stick: How Experience, Relevance, Washington and Waukegan Connected, by Stephen Rice

Reliable Fire: The Illinois Supreme Court's New (Old) Test for Enforcing Restrictive Convenants, by Timothy Storm







Kentucky v. King and Exigent Circumstances: When Does Police Conduct Create the Exigency?, by Marc Bangser

LCBA 100 YEARS OF HISTORY: JANUARY 1977 Lake County Bar's Contribution to Solution of Legal Problems in Construction of Courthouse was one of its Finest Achievements, by Minard E. Hulse

The Case for Mandatory Mediation in Foreclosure Matters: Can it Work for the Circuit Court of the Nineteenth Judicial Circuit?, by James L. Simon

Isn't a 403(b) Plan Just Like a 401 (k) Plan?, by Dorothy A. Voigt






Pursuing Divorce Related Debts in the Bankruptcy Court: Part II, by Lori Cunningham

Navigating the Uncertain Waters of Securities Arbitration in Order to Effectively Represent Your Client, by James J. Eccleston

How to Avoid a Really Bad Day: The Impact of the Bankruptcy Code's Automatic Stay Provision on Pending Family Law Cases, by Hon. Charles D. Johnson

Trusts & Estates Update, by Thomas Pasquesi

Mentoring: The Right Thing to Do, by Michael Strauss






Immigration Advice in Criminal Cases Under Padilla v. Kentucky, by Jackie Herrera Giron

Tax Saving Strategies, by Joseph Modica

Silent-Witness Video Evidence, by Hon. Thomas Schippers

Electronic Communication: How to Admit it or Object to its Admission at Trial, by Marjorie Sher

Improper Lane Usage: Not All Swerves Are Created Equal, by Hon. James Simonian

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